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How often do we sit and ponder what our taste buds are craving? Sometimes I wish I had a directory showing the hidden gems scattered across Vancouver, telling me where to eat next. Helen Nguyen’s blog “A Taste of Vancouver” certainly surprised me with restaurants I have never heard about.

The logo of "A Taste of Vancouver". The logo is in all bold caps with a small sub-caption underneath saying "eats and feats". The 'A' in Vancouver is a blue snow-capped mountain.

I went into the blog expecting to give it a good look-over for a review but I came out with a hungry stomach. Upon entering the site, the header logo immediately grabs your attention and invites the viewer into a neatly constructed domain that is crisp, clean, and elegant. As a result, navigating from the homepage is straightforward and incredibly user-friendly without any hassle of having to scroll up and down to find what you want. Though some advice would be, if possible, to provide a thumbnail with the posts previews, just to give the homepage a little more liveliness, and because the photos she provides in her posts are so beautiful.

While reading her blog posts, I enjoyed how descriptive she is about the food without excluding any details, as if keeping in mind that her readers can only taste her words — the more detailed, the more flavourful the food she reviews. Along with that, Helen also takes high quality pictures of each meal which all in all, really ties everything together cohesively and is consistent with the clean cut image she is putting on the table. Furthermore, all specifications about the restaurant discussed is conveniently placed at the end of the article with charming infographics signifying the rating of different aspects. I do however, recommend keeping those aspects consistent for each post. For example, in some posts there was a point made about parking availability while in another there was not. Otherwise, everything is thoroughly addressed, and very enjoyable to read as she establishes her own presence with friendly opinions.

Finally, after going under her posiel tag and reading the process posts, I appreciate how thoughtful Helen is. She openly expresses her mind’s inner workings which really establishes a connection between her and the reader. This results in more personalized and considerate pieces of work as she constructs her online self, rather than mass producing short formal responses just for the sake of fulfilling course requirements.

As “A Taste of Vancouver” develops overtime, I will surely be keeping up with her posts so I can visit those locations sometime in the future. From what I can tell is an excellent start, I am eager to see how her blog and online self will continue to grow. To say the least, I will definitely be taking notes from Helen as her blog is an excellent example of how a clean and uncluttered domain makes a reader feel.  

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